Monday, 29 October 2012

Vegan MoFo Day 29: Pizzaaaahh

Friday night I decided to make pizza for dinner.  I bought yeast and everything!  The dough was really simple, just a cup of flour, a sachet of instant yeast and a bit of olive oil and warm water.  Unfortunately the toppings I had in the cupboard/fridge were a little thin on the ground so I had to improvise. 
I had no pizza sauce, so I whizzed up some sun dried tomatoes, tomato puree and a bit of water to get the right consistency and used that as my sauce.  I had no facon or chicken pieces etc or even any smoked tofu so I cut up what was left of my Fry's chicken nuggets and put them on along with some peppers and sweetcorn and fresh tomato.  Usually I put the cheese on last but this time I put it on under the toppings and I'm glad I did this, because the cheese stayed super gooey and melty, instead of going a bit hard and crispy like it does if you put it on last.  (I used the cheezly soy free cheddar that I bought by mistake, but it was actually really good!)



  1. Your improvised pizza looks impressive!

  2. i haven't had pizza in eons, maybe tonight. smart thinking on getting that cheese to melt!


  3. Chicken nuggets on a pizza is pure genius my friend!

  4. Thanks, great, now I really want some pizza =D


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