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Tuesday 9 October 2012

Vegan MoFo Day 9: Risotto

I generally start dreaming up what I'm gonna have for dinner around 10 minutes after I've eaten lunch (I get bored!) and I must admit lately, the word uninspired is what springs to mind.  I am often in a rush to get dinner eaten and get ready to go to the gym or dance class after work and so I don't take the time to make something awesome that often anymore.  So today I have been to the supermarket and bought loads of lovely fresh veg in the hope inspiration will strike tonight!
But as for yesterday I was working out in my head what I could do the half of a butternut squash that was in our fridge and came up with a risotto.
So I got home and was rooting around trying to find an onion but no, nothing.  All that I could find was this pathetic specimen, lurking at the back of our pantry!  So anyway in it went, along with some yellow pepper. 

Whilst rooting around for risotto rice, I found bulgar wheat and decided to use that instead.

I roasted the squash separately and then added it at the end. I kep the flavours pretty simple, just added a bit of thyme, veggie stock and some turmeric for that lovely yellow colour.
I also added just a heaped tsp of this coconut yoghurt that I found in the health food store.  It's quite sweet so you don't need much, but I've find this pretty good for replacing coconut milk in stuff when you don't want to add quite that much fat and calories.  It went really well with the squash.

I also added some cubed up taifun basil tofu, as I had a pack open and some peas - more than I meant to because my hand slipped!  And of course, tonnes of nooch.  I thoroughly enjoyed this dinner, even if it wasn't all that exciting!



  1. Looks good. I'm with you often before I've even had breakfast I start talking to co-workers about what we are going to have for lunch.

  2. Looks yummy! And y'know me well enough to know that I'm also always thinking about what I'm going to eat next!

  3. Your risotto looks very tasty! I have a lot of nights where I am rushing off to dance practice too, so I feel you on being uninspired sometimes. :)

  4. Yep. I think about what I'm going to eat next before I even finish a meal. Most days I have lunch whilst browsing around foodgawker. Porn!

    The new season of The Vampire Diaries starts in a couple of days here. Just sayin' :P

  5. Ooh yum, I love risotto! And we have that yoghurt here too, but I haven't tried it because for a while they were a bit dodgy and it wasn't proper vegan.

    And your comment abou Hugh - ew! I don't like him as a presenter much but some of the veg recipes were good :)

  6. Looks good! I have a habit of planning all these amazing things I want to make and then forgetting every single one of them by the time I get home….which is also why I’ve got a large supply of veggie burgers in the freezer.


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