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Wednesday 17 October 2012

Vegan MoFo Day 17: Dude, you're fugly

I felt like I was staring into the fridge for hours last night trying to find inspiration to cook something awesome and not just throw a fry's chicken burger in the oven. In reality it was about 5 minutes.
I came up with a use for this mock chicken I bought in a Thai supermarket recently.  I didn't notice when I bought it that it's tofu, not fried gluten as I thought, so I was a little wary.
When I opened it, this was staring back at me! EEK.  It was massive lumps of gross looking stuff.  I tasted a bit, it tasted strongly of soy, but not completely unpleasant.
Despite its fugliness, I pressed ahead with my idea for "chicken" and dumplings and I'm glad I did, it was ACE!
I didn't measure anything, I was winging the lot, so here are some guidelines, rather than a proper recipe:
I chopped 2 large carrots into small dice and boiled them for 10 minutes, while I got everything else ready.  I sauteed a large shallot in a bit of olive oil with some dried thyme and rosemary and then added the carrots and the drained mock chicken that I broke up into chunks.  I then added about a tbsp of flour and stirred it around, then added 300ml of veggie stock and about half a cup of soymilk.
Whilst the carrots were blanching, I made the dumpling dough from 1/2 cup of plain flour, into which I rubbed 2 tbsps of vitalite, then mixed in a pinch each of thyme and rosemary and a bit of salt. Then I added soymilk a splosh at a time until it came together as a soft dough.
I rolled the dough into about 6 or 7 ping pong ball sized dumplings and dropped them into the stew.  Then I cooked it all for about 15/20 minutes.  I then added some frozen peas and because it wasn't thickening enough, I mashed a tbsp of vitalite with a tbsp of flour and added this to the stew to thicken it.
I served it with steamed cauliflower and mashed potatoes.
My little kitchen friend has taken to sitting and watching me cook lately (I think in the hope that she's going to get a titbit) and I took a pic yesterday just as she squeaked at me! hehe FEED ME SAL!


Post title taken from this scene in Supernatural


  1. That picture of it in the can is kinda grim but I kinda want it anyway!

  2. That looks scary!
    But I can't resist a chunky kitty. =^.^=

  3. It looks like the Marigold braised tofu! I would've forged ahead too. And I would've eaten that if you put it in front of me - it sounds like a great meal!

  4. Love it! That brand actually make pretty great mock duck in a can that I use all of the time....and let me tell you, people love it/ They love that canned fake meat goodness! :) And your cat is too cute!

  5. I cannot help myself. I find this kind of stuff fascinating. I have to go look for it.

  6. I’ve had a similar can of those gluten tidbits in my pantry for months. I’m starting to think I should just suck it up and make something with them like you did. That can looks all kinds of nasty but your end result looks awesome.

    My kitty friend tends to sit under my feet when I bake and then snatched up any scraps of dough that lands on the floor…..and then we wonder why he’s so fat.


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