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Thursday 4 October 2012

Vegan MoFo Day 4: Will Dance for Foodz!

I'm still alive hurrah.  Body Attack didn't kill me, I did think that it had broken me last night but I feel ok this morning aside from that pain in the thighs!  Anyhoo, as I said it had to be a quick tea last and I went with stir fry.
God knows why because usually when I have stir fry and I'm totally disappointed (and hungry again and hour later!).  But this actually did fill me up.  It really was a meal of convenience, store bought mushroom stir fry mix, store bought cooked rice (yes I'm THAT lazy), store bought sauce. I added some realeat chicken pieces, sweetcorn and some butter beans to bulk it up a bit. Sauce was a bit naff but not the worst I've ever eaten.

Tonight I'm going for dinner so I'll take pics of whatever I end up eating.

And because who doesn't love some kitty pics...? Whenever my mum and dad have chicken, as soon as Jazzy smells it, she knows she's getting some.

"I know what you're doing!"

"Stop waving it - GIMME!"

"Will dance for foodz!" 
Gah - shameless!

Hope lies eternal that we can get her to gangnam next time!



  1. I heard about gangnam for the first time yesterday (I know, I live under a rock!). Now I want a video of your gat dancing gangnam style!

  2. I'm so happy you put that last kittie pic on the blog! Love it!

  3. sometimes when your sick, the only thing that matters is that you can find quick, convenient food to prepare. even if it's not the best :/ but don't mushrooms make everything better? glad you're feeling better today ;)

  4. When I’m sick, I tend to go for bread with pb & j….and sometimes I don’t even make it to the pj & j. The fact that you made that while feeling crummy is pretty impressive. Also, KITTY!

  5. Hey, I'm no stranger to store bought rice! Aww, Jazzy! Hey, hungry kitteh. Hun-hun-hun-hun hungry kitteh style!

  6. Jazzy cuteness!
    I've been known to dance for foodz too.

  7. Kitty! I know there was food as well, but kitties distract me from everything. ;)


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