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Monday 8 September 2014

Concrete Minerals Sugar and Spice Collection

Over on my other blog, I'm participating in Vegan Month of Food (or MoFo for short) and so I feel I've been neglecting the makeup a bit. So to make up for it, here's a quick swatchfest of my latest purchases from Concrete Minerals.

You can buy Concrete Mineral in the UK from CutECOsmetics, however they still have the old primer in stock, which isn't vegan. The official site has the reformulated primer and everything on there is now vegan so I decided to order from there.  The shipping was free because I spent over $50 and it arrived quickly and with no customs charges!! Win.

My main reason for the order was this; the Sugar & Spice collection. Look how stinkin adorable that packaging is!!

The inside: you get 4 loose shadows and a sexy lips tint.

The colours includes are Brat, Wicked, Rocked & Lolita and the Lip Tint shade is Tease

Swatch Fest

Starting with the lip tint

It looks like a pale orangey yellow in the pot

It was hard to get a swatch of this but it's a lovely sparkly peachy shade

A lovely hot pink

a sparkly steely grey

In the pot this one looked the most 'eh' to me, but it's beautiful!

an absolutely goregeous sparkly, lavender grey

The artificial light pic shows up the shimmer a little bit better

As I mentioned before I also ordered the primer and I got two more shadows as well

I got one of the Pro Matte shadows in Ember and White Rabbit shadow

White Rabbit 
A stunning sparkly white which looks amazing on the inner corner to add some shpangle!

A matte darker orange. I thought it would be more neon when I ordered it but it's more of a brick orange. It's lovely and will be perfect for autumn!

Concrete always send you a couple of samples too and I got Storm (left) & Lolita (right)

Storm (top) is a beautiful dark gun metal grey and Lolita (bottom) looks olive green in the bag but is a grey colour with a sparkly flash of the green. Both are lovely.

Keep an eye out later in the week for a look using some of these shadows!

Love & Stuff
Sal xXx

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  1. Oh yeah, I keep wanting to buy one of their sets because the tins are so cute but I barely wear eyeshadow so I resist.


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