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Tuesday 9 September 2014

Vegan MoFo Day 9: Veganising Jamie

Tonight, another installment of Veganising Jamie!  And this is the recipe that made me want to do this as my theme in the first place. Yes, I've been lusting over Jamie's steamy soft buns for months now. Steady!! I'm talking about coconutty, bready goodness here! Dirty birdie.

This was sooooo easy, plus I got to use a new toy - my food processor.  Maybe I should name him Jamie, as that's pretty much why I bought it!!  And if it wasn't for the fact that I needed a little more flour than called for, I think I could've got this done pretty much within the 15 minutes, if not slightly over!

I subbed vegan chicken style pieces (Realeat ones) for the chicken but that was the only non-vegan item in the recipe.  Although check when you're buying hoisin sauce that you get a brand without honey.

SWOON! Sweet sticky chicken & mushrooms, fluffy buns and tangy pickle. This was freakin FREAKIN amazing!  The buns are seriously easy and I would have no qualms serving this up to any of my omni family or friends, even with the vegan chicken pieces.

Chicken Dim Sum with Coconut Buns & Cucumber Pickle

Recipe Link: It's not on his site (WTF Jamie?), I can't find the episode on youtube and I'm not about to post someone else's recipe without permission. But someone has posted the recipe here so I'll just link you to that if you don't wanna buy the book!

Actual Time Taken: 18 minutes from when all my ingredients and equipment were out and ready to go. I actually think this could be done in 15 minutes, but my bun dough was too wet and I had to go search for more flour and wash my hands about 4 times because the dough was so sticky.   

My substitutions:
I subbed Realeat Chicken Style Pieces for the chicken
I couldn't find mixed mushrooms in my crap local sainsbury's (that's becoming an issue!) and so I just used chestnut mushrooms, as that's what I had.
I subbed black sesame seeds for regular ones because I'm too lazy to toast them (and by that I mean wash an extra pan!)

Love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this dish. I think it will become a regular and I plan to feed it to people next time I have someone to cook for. So ridiculously easy, as long as you don't mind washing up a food processor.  And a lot of the ingredients were already in my fridge or store cupboard, so I didn't really need to go to a decent supermarket. Win win.

A Few notes:
My buns are in pink cases because I didn't have any white ones and the pattern did transfer a bit. Also I ignored when Jamie said to put the chicken steamer under the bun steamer because my chicken wasn't raw meat and I figured it would be fine. They were fine but some of the hoisin mixture leaked onto the top of the buns beneath. No biggy, just an aesthetic thing.  And also foils my plan to eat the leftovers with jam.  OK it doesn't but I'm lazy and cutting the top off is just gonna but me!

Also, hot buns makes me think of THIS, which is never a bad thing!  If you'd forgotten about this too, then you can thank me later for the reminder!



  1. Eighteen minutes is an impressive time! The whole plate of stuff looks so good. I can't believe those coconut buns are made with only two ingredients!

    1. I know right! When I saw him do them on TV I thought they look amazing but will probably suck! But they do not. Not sure how the leftovers will be cold, but warm out the steamer they are chuffin marvelous!

  2. Dude! This looks so great! Please make it for me ASAP!

  3. This looks amazing, and only 18 minutes? Yum. I think my mum might have this book somewhere.

  4. Wow, that sounds so good, and only 18 minutes? Impressive!

  5. I like this theme! Soft buns are soo good but I've never thought to make my own.

  6. Wait what? Jamie uses a food processor? Doesn't he do everything with his hands? Everytime I see him on tv he's strangling some parsley or a lemon. Whatever, 18 minutes is exactly what I am looking for.

    1. Oh yeah. Ain't no time for chopping in 15 minute meals!


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