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Saturday 27 September 2014

Vegan MoFo Day 27: VegFest London 2014

Sooo, did anyone go to London VegFest today? I did and it was AWESOME!! 

I got the train there and met Jojo and her hubby Nick.  Jojo was doing a talk about vegan travel and I am super proud of her because she did so well!!  But before that, we ate SO much.

We started out healthily enough, with a juice from Soul Juices.  I got the 'detox' juice which was carrot, apple, ginger and maybe orange? I forget. The guy said to me, how much ginger? And I was like, go for it dude I like it HOT! and then he held up an entire massive hand of ginger to mock me and I was like, ok dude, don't take the piss!  But he still put a generous amount in for me and it was good.

Then I made my way to the Nakd stand.  As you'll notice if you've been reading my what I ate posts, I love me a nekkid bar! I eat them pretty much every day!


And they had new flavours, christmas pud and bakewell tart. Both amazing and they had a great offer on. 18 bars for £8. 18!!!!!!! They're normally about £4 for 5 so I obviously got 18 bars.

Then it was time for lunch, hurrah. Obviously I was going to vegusto (and not for the last time!) Vegusto do make THE best vegan sausages in my opinion. So dirty and delicious.
 oh hell yeah!

Then we paused to take an excellent photo. Obviously.

We stopped at the Considerit chocolate stand. I had read about these on the PPK and every sample I tried was seriously delicious. And the people running the stand were lovely too!

I bought a bar of the salted caramel chocolate - you will see that is kind of an unintentional theme of my food purchases today!

I took a photo of this super pretty choccy stand. I didn't buy anything because it was kind of pricey and I'm a bellend who didn't take enough cash. But look.... so pretty!!

The guys selling this water were super enthusiastic about their water in a box. I dug it too!

After some walking around, we needed snax. But not a full meal.  Unfortunately we managed to not do so well here.  The sausage rolls were pretty nice. But the savoury muffin thing, well I won't like it wasn't my favourite thing.  I was already disappointed when I got up to the stand and realised they weren't pies.  But yeah they were just odd.  So let's move on.

I needed sugar. So I risked going into a sugar coma and bought myself a Ms Cupcake Red Velvet cookie sandwich. I love her cookie sandwiches, I always get one over a cupcake. And she won a vegfest award - YAY Ms Cupcake.  I love it when super awesome, nice people win awards and Melissa is an awesome lady.  If you haven't ever been to her shop, get your butt to Brixton pronto and sort that out.  Oh and I recommend the cookie sandwiches, even if I've never been able to eat one in one sitting, cuz sugar!

I didn't take a photo of the name of this stand, but if I find a business card, I will edit this.  But they were selling loads of marshmallows, marshmallow mix and motherfuckingveganwagonwheels! Uh yeah wagon wheels, HELLO!!  Can't wait to crack these!

I obviously bought some Vegusto, because it's the best vegan cheese. Well it's tied for first with Violife.

I was SUPER excited to find these on the Vegan Tuck Box stand.  I bought some a couple of years ago in the Montezuma shop in Brighton and I've not been able to find them since in the shop. So I knew I had to get some. And I'm kind of kicking myself that I only bought one tub! They are amazing.

Lastly, I also bought a second cookie sandwich from Ms Cupcake, a salted caramel pecal one. See more, salted caramel. Can't wait to try this, it'll probably be tomorrow's breakfast. For some reason, blogger hates this pic and won't flip it! GAH! Still, you can see it's radness.

I also got a second hot dog from vegusto because I am a savage. A hungry one!

The other cool thing was getting to hang out with my friend Randi from the excellently funny Laughfrodisiac and her hubby today, they've just moved over here which I'm very excited about, cuz she's rad.

Also I met a couple of fellow MoFo bloggers at Jojo's talk, so hi to the lovely gals from Hasta La Vegan and Tea & Sympatico .... it was great to meet you!! :) Head over to Jojo's blog for a pic of us after Jojo's talk.

So if you went and I didn't meet you, did you have fun there?  What was your favourite stall?



  1. I wish we could've gone, but I'm in London next weekend for Destination Star Trek! We're definitely going next year though.

    The marshmallow stand would've been Ananda, I think. They seem to be at every vegan festival. And I couldn't agree more on the Ms Cupcake cookie sandwiches. I've gone out of my way to get them and will do so again if necessary. The red velvet is my favourite!

    It looks like it was awesome, and yay for Jojo!

  2. The photo of you and Jojo is super. Love it.

  3. It seems like there were really awesome products. I would definitely have gone for the hot dogs and the salted caramel chocolate. And the Vegusto.

  4. It seems like there were really awesome products. I would definitely have gone for the hot dogs and the salted caramel chocolate. And the Vegusto.

  5. I was there too. Did you try the new Vego hazelnut and chocolate bar? It is to die for, 4 bars jumped in my bag and came home with me! Good day x

    1. I didn't buy any but yes I'm a big fan of the vego bar!! X

  6. what an amazing post! overwhelming with bounty and products I'll never see! I got some of those nakd bars from Vegan Cuts a while back and I love them. The new flavors sound great! And that sausage looks craaaaaaaaazy good. So plump! And that pic of you and Jojo is totally adorable.

  7. That looks like such an awesome day, so much food. I would have taken that guy up on the huge ginger juice challenge. Bring. It. On. ;)
    I love Nak'd bars (except for the Banana Crunch ones... so wrong), I hope we get the new flavours here!

  8. Glad to hear you had such a good time (& good food!); awesome that you got to meet other MoFo bloggers! Yay for vegfests! :)

  9. Oooh, those new nakd flavours sound incredible. I'm salivating looking at the ms.cupcake treats, too. Looks like a fab day out.

  10. I had so much fun!! I love how kitty like you look in that picture too, so cute!

  11. A savory muffin?! A savory muffin?! Do you watch Miranda? In case you don't, here's her savory muffin disappointment:

    You and Jojo look so cute! I just saw a similar photo on Jojo's blog. You nailed the "cat face"!

    Vegan foods have come such a long way in the past few years. I want to eat everything you guys bought! Except for the savory muffin. A savory muffin?! :D

  12. It was really great to meet you. I wish I'd had longer at the fair, I keep reading posts and seeing things I missed. Will have to go for the whole weekend next time!


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