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Wednesday 3 September 2014

Vegan MoFo Day 3: What I Ate Wednesday

I'm making Wednesdays during MoFo a What I Ate day. I did a couple last year and I think they're fun so here's what I ate yesterday.

I like to start the day during the week with a smoothie; it's easy, quick and I can sip it while I'm getting my lunch etc ready for the day.  Also it gets some fruit into me as I'm not so good at eating fruit.

So yesterday my smoothie consisted of frozen mango, some strawberries, strawberry protein powder, coconut water and a bit of soymilk to thin it.

Then after my smoothie I like to have a fresh juice, that I usually take with me to sip on the train to work. My juice yester was carrots, beetroot, ginger (not that much obviously as that much ginger would make me die!), a couple of apples and a kiwi.  I hate kiwi, it's rank! But it's a texture thing for me, they are fine in juice and they have loads of vitamin C in! YAY.

Ready to go, after my dad's shotglass worth was removed - he likes to have a taster!

Mid morning, I had a muffin, this is a banana speculoos muffin and I'm working on a recipe for you guys for this. It was good, but not great... yet! :)

My lunch all packed up...

Yes my lunch bag is THE cutest! (From Paperchase)

Lunch I had leftover chilli from yesterday's Jamie post and a bread roll.

And some cantaloupe which was a bit old so it was super ripe and delicious.

I got hungry about 4pm so I had a couple of salt n vinegar snack a jacks

For dinner I had a date and we went to a local Indian restaurant. So yeah, that was super awkward on a first date to explain the whole food photography thing! ahem, sorry the pics are crap - the lighting was terrible so I had to use flash.

We had a veggie byriani

Aloo Gobi (cauliflower & potato)

A veg curry that comes with the byriani

And brinjal bhaji (aubergine)

We also had poppadoms and a couple of chapatis but I didn't take pics of those.  It was a place I'd not been to before and it was pretty good!

So that's it for what I ate yesterday.  Happy humpday all!



  1. Your lunchbag is so adorable, ahhh

  2. Ooh. Banana-speculoos.... nice! I'm doing a what I ate Wednesday thing, too.... but your way of actually photographing your Tuesday food makes more sense, in retrospect, as I'm going to be doing some late night blawging now. Ah well! :)

  3. So, so jealous of people who have access to good Indian food.

  4. Oh and I love your monster food container! So cute!

  5. Ah, you are so healthy with your smoothie/juice breakfast. I have the same hatred for kiwi texture but don't mind it in juices. Your lunch bag and sammich box are adorable!

  6. I love that you stuck with WIAW despite being on a first date!! You're so awesome!

  7. Wow, you are organised. I like your fruit and veggie choice for the juice and I want that muffin. Do you cater to Germany?

  8. I love your little monster box, where did you get it from. Your smoothie looks great too, I'll have to try it.

  9. I love the lunch bag, and all the little bits and pieces for inside it.
    Love how committed you are to WIAW, hope the date was good. :)

  10. I really enjoy those What I Ate Today posts. Your day seemed pretty wicked. Congrats on drinking a smoothie and a juice in the morning. You must feel super healthy, and it must be so tasty.

    I like your melon box, how cool.

  11. Everything looks great! Happy Vegan MoFo and WIAW, too! I posted a smoothie this morning and I have another one I will be adding to my blog later today! I've kind of been a blogging fool lately! LOL

  12. Your date food looks so yummy! I kind of feel like being a third wheel now, just so I can eat some of that aloo gobi :P

    I started to make Jamie's chili for dinner last night, but by the time I was done with it it was a big time wing it chili instead. I skipped the red chili, used sweet paprika instead of smoked, no coriander for me thankyouverymuch, kidney beans instead of chickpeas, and I served it with cornbread instead of on rice. I did manage to successfully follow to the Vegan Diner cornbread recipe at least.

    Yes to the banana/speculoos muffin recipe, please!


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