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Tuesday 2 September 2014

Vegan MoFo Day 2: Veganising Jamie - Veggie Chilli


Today I am kicking off my Veganising Jamie Oliver's 15 Minute Meals Series. I need to come up with a catchier name for that!  

Anyway, I have been a fan of Jamie ever since the Naked Chef came out and recently I really enjoyed rewatching all the episodes of 15 Minutes Meals that are replaying on the Food Network. It does make Buffalo Stance get stuck in my head on a loop! But aside from that I like the premise of it.  So I bought the book and there's lots of veggie stuff in there and even a lot of the meaty stuff is veganisable.

That said, I went for a bit of a cop out last night, because it was the only thing I had most of the ingredients for already and it was 7.30 before I was finished work.  

So I made the Veggie Chilli.  I didn't make the accompanying salad as I didn't have all the components and I made a few subs that I will list below.  All in all, this was nice and super easy of course and was mainly composed of store cupboard staples.  The recipe is for 4 portions, so I have a couple of lunches in the fridge. :)

Also, I'm going to tell you how long it actually took to make, as I'm not convinced I can do any in 15 minutes - I'm a bit of a faffer. But if it's done in 30 or less, then I'm happy!

Recipe Link: Veggie chilli with crunchy tortilla avocado salad

Actual Time Taken: about 30 minutes

My Substitutions:
- I didn't have an ancho chilli or a chipotle. Or even a fresh one (I suck I know) so I used sriracha, a healthy dose of it!
- I didn't make the salad, I put some cubed up avocado on top to serve instead and served the crunchy tortilla strips on the side.
- I substituted soya yoghurt for the fat free dairy yoghurt called for.
- I didn't have passata so I subsitituted a 400g tin of chopped tomatoes that I whizzed in the processor after the base mix was done and also added a good tbsp of tomato puree and about half of the empty tomato tin's worth of water.
- I left out the coriander because I didn't have it.
- I didn't have wild/long grain rice mix so I used a pack of ready made brown basmati.

Yummy & filling and easy. Will definitely make again as it's meant to be made.

See ya tomorrow!



  1. Ooh yummy! Excellent first Jamie Oliver choice! I've been hungry for chili these past couple of days so I think I'll give this one a go for dinner tonight. Who can really cook anything in 15 minutes is what I want to know?!

    1. I certainly can't, buddy! Took me 10 minutes to get my food processor out and find the olive oil! :)

    2. Ha! We would make a great cooking team - we could call ourselves Slowpoke and Turtley!

  2. I am dubious of anything claiming to take 15 minutes that involves brown / wild rice - no chance!!

    1. ah no it's a pack of ready cooked rice, the microwavable stuff. Cheat ingredients! ;o)

  3. 15 minutes or not, it looks good to me!

  4. It would take me 15 minutes to go to the store for a pack of ready cooked rice.

  5. WOW! Blog Hopped over from Vegan MoFo and thought I would drop a note! This looks and sounds amazing!!

  6. What a fun Mofo theme!! And that chili looks awesome!!

  7. I watched his 15 minute meal show when it was on TV here, and I was deeply suspicious of being able to make it in 15 minutes.

  8. I'm a HUGE J O fan too, I've made a few of his 15 minute meals and they never take me 15 mins because I get so easily distracted :)
    Loving this theme Sal

  9. Great idea! I love JO, but he always uses so much cream, cheese and meat...

    1. He does I know, but a lot of his stuff is super easy to make vegan! :)

  10. Ooh, I've seen this book at the library so maybe I'll check it out next time. Fun idea for a theme! :) I always take much longer to prepare recipes than the estimated time so I appreciate you giving us the actual time it took, ha.


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