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Monday 8 September 2014

Vegan MoFo Day 8: Toby Carvery

09/09/2014 - An update!
I heard a rumour that Toby are discontinuing this dish from their menu.  I asked them and this was their rather unhelpful reply:

"Hi Sal. Many thanks for getting in touch. The shepherds pie has been discontinued unfortunately We do still have the Nut Roast Wellington available which is suitable for vegans but the other new dish we have introduced on this part of our menu is only suitable for vegetarians."

So there is still an option for vegans but it is, in my opinion, the less yummy one! :(

Back now to the original post...

A carvery, you say?  I know ... they are like the most unvegan place you could eat, right? Well not anymore because Toby chains now have 2 vegan options on the menu; not only are they both marked vegan but they're both good!

I've been there before and had the nut roast wellington, which was nice. So I decided when I went last night to try the other vegan option, the Lentil Shepherds Pie and it was really really good!

It had lots of flavour and the mashed potato/bubble & squeak thingy on the top was delightful. You also get to go up and get a plate full of veg from the carvery and they really do have great roasties (not as good as my mum's but no one's ever managed to beat those!).  I ate far too much, as you can see!

Not that I could have eaten one after all that stodge, but they don't have a vegan dessert yet.  I think it might be time they get a crimble crumble or something on the menu - that's an easy pud to make vegan.  Let's write to them, fellow vegans and ask them to get on it!!



  1. Yummy! How amazing is it to have access to roasted veg too. I'd definitely go there if I lived there.

  2. Awesome that Toby Carvery has a vegan option! We used to always stay in a Travelodge (yes, the height of class...) right next to a Toby Carvery and nobody seemed to have a clue if I could eat anything!

  3. That looks like a plate of awesomeness!!!!!!

  4. We go once a week to the Toby Carvery. My hubby is a carnivore :( although eats a lot of my food, so the Toby is his weekly fix. I couldn't cook a roast for what it costs there and I don't have to wash up. And yes I always eat too much also!! Xxx

  5. That second plate looks so good. Huzzah for more vegan options!

  6. Brilliant! I need to find a Toby near me ASAP :)

  7. Why would they discontinue the lentil shepherds pie?! It looks so yummy! That's too bad. I'd take the shepherds pie over the nut roast wellington any day.

    1. I know, it's a real shame! They're replacing it with another vegetarian dish instead as well. From now on I will probably skip it anyway and just go with roast potatoes and veg, that makes me pretty happy.

  8. I really want those potatoes. Such a shame they are getting rid of the shepherds pie. Boo.

  9. dang! that all looks so good! I just googled roasties and now I want them!

  10. It's such a shame about the shepherds pie. Be careful of butter on the veg - this varies from branch to branch. Why they want to addcalories I don't know, I'm sure most people enjoy veg in a roast dinner without butter. Anyway you can ask for steamed veg to be made for you if your local branch are butter adders.


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