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Saturday 6 September 2014

Vegan MoFo Day 6: Bella Italia

I apologise in advance for the lameness of this post.  I am currently away for the weekend probably drinking too much and behaving badly so instead of posting nothing, I thought I'd show you what you can eat if you're vegan, you go to Bella Italia with your omni workmates and you don't wanna eat another bowl of pasta arrabiatta!

I had the portobello burger and just got them to take out the goat cheese and the mayo. So essentially it's a mushroom in a bap. But I kind of like that. It has some other roasted veg in their too and the chips were really good.

I also had bruschetta for starter but didn't take a photo. Sorry. However, I did take a pic of my workmate's starter who also ordered bruschetta 'without the tomatoes'... erm yeah so bread then?  They asked if she was ok with onions and then brought out this....
She brushed off all the onions, took a bite and said 'it's a bit like toast really'. Still giggling when I think of it!



  1. I cannot get over someone ordering bruschetta sans tomatoes. That is ludicrous.

  2. The portobello burger looks pretty good! That's too funny about the bruschetta! :)

  3. Ha ha, that onion bruschetta looks nasty! Who orders bruschetta without the tomatoes!? Hope you're having a fun weekend!

  4. I love it, raw onions on toast. YUM. Or the other thing. ;)


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