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Sunday 1 September 2013

Vegan MoFo Day 1: Allo me old Chinas

I can't believe it - it's September already and September this year means MoFo!

I am kicking off MoFo with pics of the the food from yesterday's trip to London with ma good buddy, Jojo.  We went to Clapham and paid a visit to Venn Street Market.

The main reason for our trip there was a stall called The Mighty Fork, which makes awesome vegan hot dogs.

There are five varieties and I went with the Big Chilli, which was a smoked tofu hotdog with black bean chilli, diced onions & jalapenos and mustard. And it was pretty freakin epic!  Behold....

Rad or what? And as if that wasn't enough, here's an extreme close up WAAAHHHHHH!

Jojo went with the Sauerkrat, which funnily enough had sauerkraut on it.  Along with ketchup & mustard. It also looked pretty epic. I'm sorry for this pic, I can't get it to rotate - it is the right way up in photobucket, so it's obviously blogger being a bellend!

Also in Venn Street Market, there is a Miss Cupcake stand. Woohoo.

I got a Ferrero Rocher cupcake, as that is my favourite one of theirs I've tried.

Obnoxious cake face selfie

I am going away for work tomorrow for 9 days and so my first half of MoFo may be a little shite and for this, I apologise. I have a few ideas, I'm just hoping I am able to get on the internet enough to post.

Also because of this I decided not to bother with a theme as it would be too difficult to stick to while I'm away. So instead I'm naming all of my posts with cockney rhyming slang. Because I'm childish and find it amusing.

So on that note, Kat Slaters!

Cockney translations of the day:
(Chinas = China Plates = Mate)
(Kat Slater = Later)


  1. Ah Sal, you always make me laugh or "LOL" as the kids would say! I'm pleased that you stuck with the cockney rhyming slang plan!

  2. Whoa, those hotdogs both look so good. I'm glad you went for both the wide shot and the close up otherwise I wouldn't have realized how long those hot dogs were!

  3. Oh yum! I never was a fan of hotdogs when I was pregan, but vegan hotdogs are awesome so now I love them!
    Love the title theme. :)

  4. Those dogs look yum! Also...YOUR NAILS! So cute!

  5. I had one of those Ferrero Rocher cupcake last month and fell in love. Those hotdogs look epic. Wish we had more food like that in the South West.

  6. I want to spend the day with you and Jojo, eating hot dogs and cupcakes!!

  7. Hot dogs and cupcakes, yum! :)

  8. Yeah, MoFo! No theme for me either. The hot dogs look rad indeedy, and I want to stick that whole Ferrero Rocher cupcake in my mouth right now.

    I like the cockney rhyming slang thing!

  9. The nails! The nails! You rock, babe! Ruby rose xx

  10. the nails are cool + super rad with my fave on everything sriracha! all the food looks super yummy! lucky you!

  11. I totally want that itty bitty bottle of sriracha now...I would totally carry it around in my bag and liberally apply to any food that I got when out and about. Mebbe not ice cream though...


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