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Tuesday 17 September 2013

Vegan MoFo Day 17 - Trouble & Strife

If you've been a reader of my blog for a while, you might remember my previous adventures in wedding food; some good, some bad, some pretty freakin fugly.  Well forget all that, because the last wedding I went to the food was pretty freakin great.

My big brother and his lovely new wife got married just over a month ago (where has that time gone) and it was the best day.  The weather was beautiful, the ceremony was lovely, the speeches were funny, the band & dj were rad, it was great.  Lots of happy tears cried and not just by me.  Also, the food!  The caterers were brilliant, they had a vegan menu with more than 1 option!  I even got dessert and not a speck of melon in sight HURRAH!

The main course was kind of a spicy veggie tagine with couscous.  For a food blogger I suck at descriptions but sufficed to say, this was pretty freakin tasty. It had squash, peppers, courgettes and chick peas in and it was spicy but not crazy hot.

Dessert and I got 3 of 'em! YEP 3 and none of them were melon - did I mention that?

There was a plate of 3 mini desserts, a crumble, a rice pudding and 2 mini treacle tarts. 

The treacle tarts were a bit chewy but I thought that was nice and they were good & sweet. And I love me some pastry!

The rice pudding was lovely but it was really sweet, so the amount I got was perfect because anymore would've been way too much, I think.

The 3rd one was a berry crumble.  I was totally stuffed by this point so couldn't eat it but I did have a spoonful and it was delightfully tart with a nice crunchy topping.

Lastly the cake.  Or cakes; instead of a traditional tiered cake they had towers of cupcakes.  After tasting Jojo's cupcakes at Vegfest earlier in they year, they were so impressed they asked her to make the cakes for the wedding and she did an awesome job. They looked beautiful and they were delicious.  I had 4! Yep, 4 baby. 

The flavours you see are chocolate with peanut butter icing (my favourite), coconut & lime, raspberry and chocolate mint.

If you're lucky enough to live in Brighton or are visiting, you can order cupcakes from Jojo's not-for-profit bakery, Operation Icing.  You can also find them in Wai Kiki Moo Kau on selected days too so keep an eye Operation Icing's twitter for info on availability (she's away at the moment so if you were hoping to do this immediately, you're probably shit outta luck, soz).

Kat Slaters

oh oh, edit, for Randi.... the hat says it already!

Cockney translations of the day
Trouble & Strife = Wife


  1. How awesome that y'all can just order cupcakes from Jojo!!! Jealous! Those are lovely, and I've never seen a treacle (only read about them in Harry Potter!!). Yum.

  2. Sexeh hat! Jojo's cupcakes are so purdy! I probably would have stuffed four in my belly too. To hell with decorum.

    Awesome wedding food too! The tiny little treacle tarts are adorable <3

  3. That is the best wedding food ever!
    Pastry is almost unheard of for vegans at these sorts of events.


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