Thursday, 26 September 2013

Vegan MoFo Day 26 - Dinner in a Bob Murray

This is what happens when you get home late and can't be arsed to cook.... A couple of slices of seitan dipped in cornmeal and then pan fried, green beans and pasta tossed in vitalite and nooch and big fat mushroom!

Easy, tasty but a bit Pirates of Penzance.

Kat Slaters

Cockney translations of the day
Bob Murray = Hurry
Pirates of Penzance = Pants


  1. AHHH I'm learning! You're teaching! I guess that Bob Murray was going to mean hurry!

  2. That looks like a pretty good dinner for a quick effort to me.

  3. Looks like a plate of yum to me!

  4. I'd totally eat the hell out of that dinner! Ha - I also guessed that Bob Murray meant hurry! :)


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