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Tuesday 3 September 2013

Vegan MoFo Day 3: Chicken Oriental


So I survived my first night in the hotel, by leaving the hotel!  Their menu was meat & cheesetastic and I'm talking baked in cheesetastic.  So we took a walk across the block to a Chinese restaurant.

I went with some steamed rice - I didn't bother taking a pic of that, you all know what plain rice looks like!  Along with it I picked Chinese mushrooms & seasonal greens. 

And also some fried tofu with chilli & salt.

I have to say, neither dish blew me away but they were ok.  The tofu was kind of bland but the crispy fried bits that were covered with pepper and chilli at the bottom - they were GOOD!

We also had wine, I took a pic of the bottle because I am childish and it made me chuckle.

Kat Slaters!

Cockney translation of the day
Kat Slaters = Laters
Chicken Oriental = Mental


  1. Those mushrooms look pretty damned tasty, I haven't had Chinese food for ages. Good job escaping the hotel!!

  2. I have totally been there with the yummy fried tofu bits at the bottom of a dish. I always have to fight my husband for them. :)

  3. The only thing better than bok choy is bok choy that someone else cleaned, cut, cooked, and presented!

  4. I remember that we once were in a hotel and also left for Chinese food! I've never had any that blew me away, but it often safes me from going to bed hungry.

  5. That tofu looks yummy! I'm always down for fried tofu at a Chinese restaurant!

  6. Glad you were able to find some sustenance! I'm not supposed to be eating soy and it sucks, so ANY tofu looks good to me. *sadface*

  7. The tofu looks so good, shame about the lack of flavour. And I had a laugh at the wine name, too. I think the Cul-de-sac Crew would approve ;)

  8. I usually love that kind of tofu, although it is often swimming in oil.

  9. So annoying when everything has cheese smooshed in with it! Glad you got something to eat.

  10. That tofu looks exactly the same as one that my boyfriend and I get at our favourite dodgy Chinese restaurant, and you're right, the bits at the bottom are the best! We're always asking if the other is going to finish their 'bits'. The bits deserve their own post!


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