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Tuesday 10 September 2013

Vegan MoFo Day 10 - London Fog

I am home! YAY!  I have a day off tomorrow so I will actually have time to do some cooking, but more importantly to buy some food, because there's sod all in the fridge right now!

Today's dinner was pretty uninspiring because I am cream crackered!  So today's post is a little one just for anyone who ever finds themselves at London's ExCeL when they didn't remember to pack snacks!

There's not much.  There's a few bits!  On the first day, my 2 workmates actually bought vegan wraps in the Whistlestop shop, but they'd eaten them before I knew they'd bought vegan food and for the rest of the week I was never able to find the mysterious vegan wraps again! GAHH! So I don't have a photo.  But if you're lucky you might be able to find a hummus & falafel wrap or a spinach & potato wrap that are vegan friendly.

Also, I know you sometimes can find the Bugsy hummus & carrot sandwich from the coffee / sandwich bar that runs in the middle of the boulevard, but it is ridiculously over-priced!

If you are not someone with an aversion to baked beans (like me), there is a baked potato concession.  I haven't bothered checking out vegan options, because I'm guessing that's the only option.  I think there's also a pasty shop, but again I haven't checked out those options.  So I will make it my mission next time I'm there to investigate more of the concessions.

SO... back to the Whistle Stop shops and there's not much aside from crisps and fruit but there also some nakd bars and some little pre-packed salads.  They have a tomato-y couscous one, but that wasn't really my thing, so I picked this Four Bean & Bulgar salad.  It was a little under-seasoned for a salt toothed person like myself and a wee bit too oily.  But it was ok.

Also in the Whistlestop, I found a vegan flapjack.  No frills or fruit etc in it, but still pretty damn tasty. Although I ate that whole bad boy and felt SOOOOO sick afterwards. hahaha.

For most of the week we had a lovely guy taking care of us and providing lunches so I didn't really have to search anything out. But today we went to one of the concessions inside ExCeL which I think was called Italian Kitchen.  I got a box of Arrabiata pasta and it wasn't bad.  It was around £5.90 I think, which for exhibition venue food, when a show is open, is pretty reasonable and there was a lot of it in there.

So if none of this is doing it for you and you're allowed out of ExCeL (haha) then if you go out of the West* entrance of ExCeL and walk down the stairs, past the Novotel and Ibis hotels (I promise it's not that far) then there is a Nisa Local supermarket which has quite a few chilled vegan goodies, such as hummus/falafel, fresh bread and I also found some Dolmades (forgot to take a pic of the actual foodz though, doh!) ....

and this salad, which was about 10 times better than salad I posted above from the Whistlestop.

Also both this salad and the dolmades were labelled vegan.  Also, if you walk a little further past Nisa, there is a Tesco express, but I didn't find the need to go there!

*The west entrance of ExCeL, in case you get a bit disorientated, is signed but basically you want to be at the Custom House tube station end of the halls. Just look for the lower hall numbers so N&S 1/2... etc.  If you're up as far as Capital Hall or N&S 10/11 etc - you're at the East!

So that's it, a little guide to some options at ExCeL.

Kat Slaters

Cockney Translations of the Day:
London Fog = Dog
Cream Crackered = Knackered


  1. Just when I think I have a handle on British English, you (more often than not, you and Jojo) spring another crazy on me! I am cream crackered! Amazing! I miss you you crazy beeyotch!

  2. some interesting finds there!

  3. Welcome home! Have fun cooking up a storm! Those look like pretty good vegan foods there. I remember only a few years ago vegan convenience foods used to be pretty lame. How far we've come!

    Cream Crackered is now my favorite Cockney Rhyming Slang!

  4. The Delphi brand hummus is also pretty good stuff. Dolmades rock though. Om nom nom.


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