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Thursday 5 September 2013

Vegan MoFo Day 5 - Latin Food, get in mah Auntie Nelly!

Last night, my workmates and I decided to take the cable car over to the O2 Arena to have some food and go to the cinema.  We got there a bit too late to have dinner and make the film so we just settled for some food and cocktails.

Here is a pic of my view from the cable car - pretty!!

After being tipped off by a commenter in my last post (Thanks, Chris!) about Las Iguanas and their vegan friendliness; I googled their vegan menu as only vegetarian options are shown on the menu. I printed it off to help me when I got there and here is what I ended up with.

I went for the Moqueca, which is a creamy coconut based curry, with squash, lots of peppers, hearts of palm and spinach in and it was delightful. It was very mild though, I couldn't taste any chilli and I like the shhpicy so I added some Cholula hot sauce that was on the table, which made it extra rad.
It came with spicy fresh salsa, rice, toasted coconut and fried plantains.  

I loved almost all of this dish, but I didn't really enjoy the plantains.  I have issues with banana textures and it tasted like a fried banana to me and just didn't float my boat.  But the rest of the meal was pretty damn awesome.

I also had a cosmo (or 2), as you do.

I'm going home tonight just for one day before I'm back to London but I think dinner might be limited to something I can find at Waterloo station.  Woo - exciting post tomorrow then! :o)

Kat Slaters

Cockney translations of the day:
Auntie Nelly = Belly
Kat Slaters = ah come on you know that by now!


  1. I'm glad you're posting the Cockney translations because embarrassingly I'm not getting them all! I'm also kinda happy that your Moqueca wasn't that spicy, I've been meaning to visit Las Iguanas for ages but I've been passing because I assumed everything would burn ma mouth! Let's go there for food and cocktails sometime?

    1. My workmates ordered (meaty) tapas and they thought it was really spicy but mine did say on the menu it was mild, so that is obviously key! Deffo should go there sometimes, the cocktails were nice and it was happy hour so they were 2-4-1! Win.

  2. Yum!!!! I love fried plantains, but they always need to be salted to undo that banana-y thing.

  3. Never heard of Moqueca before. It looks yummy! I think that if I had been there I would have taken your unwanted plantains and put them in my Auntie Nelly! (Can you tell I'm loving the Cockney rhyming slang?)


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